Standing Up for London

"London gave me the opportunities to go from the council estate where I grew up to being Mayor of the greatest city on earth. I still wake up every morning passionate about delivering my promise to Londoners: to make London a fairer city where all Londoners get the opportunities that our city gave to me and my family. I still get upset and angry every time I walk past someone sleeping on our streets or meet a Londoner struggling to pay rent. I want us to go faster to tackle air pollution and climate change. I want to stamp out discrimination for good, and fight for Britain to stay in the European Union. I’m proud that, together, we’re delivering the changes we want to see, and I promise to keep pushing to go further and faster."
Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Making commuting more affordable

The cost of living in London is simply too high. Along with housing, transport is one of the biggest costs Londoners face. That's why, together, we're delivering on our promise to make public transport in London more affordable after years of fare rises under the previous Mayor.

Cleaning up London's toxic air

Toxic air pollution causes thousands of premature deaths every year – as well as a range of terrible illnesses and diseases. It's also about social justice - air pollution has the biggest impact on the poorest Londoners who have the fewest cars. That's why, together, we're delivering the boldest action of any city in the world to tackle air pollution.

Building new council and social rent homes

Every Londoner should be able to afford somewhere they can call home. That's why we're focusing on delivering council homes that Londoners can actually afford, rather than luxury penthouse apartments. Together we’re laying the groundwork for fixing London’s housing crisis once and for all.

Policing and crime

Every death on London's streets is a tragedy. That's why we're supporting the Metropolitan Police in catching criminals and investing in tackling the root causes of violent crime, despite huge Government cuts to the police and to youth services.

Standing up for London on Brexit

Brexit will cause huge damage to London - putting our jobs and communities at risk. That's why, together, we're pushing for the British public to have the final say.

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